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3 in 1 Postpartum Support — Recover Belly/waist/pelvis Belt Shape wear Corset helps you get your body back to its former post childbirth. It contains 3 parts: 1x bell belt, 1x waist belt, 1x pelvis belt. Available Sizes Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large
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The Benefits of Wearing a Postpartum Belly Band

There are several reasons why women should consider using a postpartum girdle or belly wrap.

Abdominal Support

Childbirth is hard on your stomach muscles. Whether you have a natural birth or you’re having a C-section, your stomach is going to pay the price.

Your muscles will be shot for weeks to months afterward, and it can help you to have that extra abdominal support that a wrap or a girdle gives you. With a C-section in particular, your recovery can be even tougher because you’re dealing with surgery too. Wraps or girdles can help with the pressure and pain you’ll feel from your surgical wound.


Using great posture can be a huge feat post-pregnancy. Your posture has been steadily changing over the past nine months and getting it back to normal can take some work and concentration.

A wrap or girdle can help you with that.

Back Pain

Your back can feel like it’s on fire in the first few weeks after childbirth. Doctors will tell you not to lift anything heavier than your baby for a while and they’ll tell you to not rush back into chores or exercises. Your body has just brought another life into this world so you deserve a little downtime.

Take Note

While a girdle can alleviate back pain in the short term, it’s more of a temporary solution than a permanent fix.

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